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Crazy Cat Lady Adventure Quest
It's a Catastrophe!
$1000 raised for Cat Adoption Team!


Objective Complete

The Cat Lady has lost her 3 cats and needs your help to find them all. Each pre-roll pack has a chance of finding a missing cat. (see the "ways to collect cards button below for more ways to find the missing cats.)

The Story of the missing cats Part 1 of 2


  • HELGA! A special legendary limited-edition promotional holographic card (only available by completing this quest)

  • The first 20 people to turn in the quest will also receive a hand crafted roach Clip Dwan's Wand ($50 value) ALL WANDS CLAIMED

  • BONUS - Booster pack of 4 cards, including 1 random holo card. ENDED

  • Everyone who participates will experience the warm-and-fuzzies!


  • Get your own custom Utokia card of your favorite pet!

  • Submit info about your pet (can be any pet) to get a custom holo card just for you (or it would make a great gift for a friend)! ($40 value)

  • You will leave a permanent mark in the crafting of the story within the town of Clowderville within the World of Utokia. (Value priceless).

  • Only available if you collect all 3 missing cats.                                                

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