Congrats on being a master cat wrangler. Turn in for your reward!

Step 1: Write your initials on the front side of each of the 3 cat minion cards in permanent marker. (Don't worry we will send you a high-quality replacement.)
Step 2: Take a picture of all three cards and name the file your first and last name. 
Step 3: Fill out the form below, upload your picture and click submit!

BONUS OBJECTIVE (Only eligible after completing the main quest but can be submitted at the same time). 
Upload a pic of your pet
 above and fill out the fields below and we will create a unique holo cat card.

*tip - Ensure picture leaves room for the frame of the card. see example Sully Meowster card. 
*pet pictures may be used in promotional materials, website, social media, etc. 

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Your Quest is Complete! We will send rewards out in January!



  • The first 20 people to turn in the quest win a hand-crafted, glow in the dark Dwan's Wand! ($50 value!)

  • Limited-Edition, rare Holographic card only available through this quest!

  • BONUS - Booster pack of 4 cards, including 1 random holo card.

  • BONUS - Custom holo card of your pet!

rare mystery card-01.png
cat card.JPG