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Hello Adventurer

If you made it here it means that you scanned the QR code of one of our limited edition trading cards. These cards are drawn by local artists based on the fictional world of Utokia. 


You will be one of the lucky few with a chance of winning holographic versions of these limited-edition cards and some free swag! We will release new cards featuring local artists every harvest (about 4 times a year). The collection will continue to expand over the years so make sure you keep collecting as earlier releases will become rarer. Thank you for supporting us!

For our ultimate fans, we will have a special prize at the end of each year for those who manage to have the most completed collection!

Adventure Packs Now Available at Select Retailers


Winter 2022 Collection - Contest Ended

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Spring 2022 Collection - Current Contest


Musings of an herbalist

To seek the rarest creatures, it takes one who can reach greater heights. The highs will be high, and the lows will be low. If you persist, you will be rewarded for your efforts.