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Adventure Quests

Welcome to our Quest and Story archive, where you can find a wealth of past and present adventures to explore. From epic battles to heartwarming tales, we have something for every adventurer and storyteller. Dive in and discover your next favorite adventure today!


Adventure Awaits!

Current Quests

-The Agency-
Start by deciphering our Instagram pinned post @utokiafarms, join the discord server and earn your invite to our private discord quest rooms.

Past Quests


The Crazy Cat Lady Adventure Quest

an interactive real world questing experience

Each pack sold helped raise $1,o00 for

The town's resident Crazy Cat Lady has lost her cats. will you help her find them?

Watch the story unfold.


All of 2022 we did a quarterly giveaway for holo cards in a random drawing for everyone who signed up for the newsletter!

Enter to win
Image by Michael Dziedzic

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Musings of an herbalist

To seek the finest prize, with heart so true,

One must reach for greater heights, with spirit anew.

The highs will rise, with strength and flair,

And though the lows may come, do not despair...

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