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7 Tips to Buy the Best Pre-Roll

How to know you are getting a good value buying cannabis pre-rolls

We have to be honest, we noticed some pre-rolls on the market today kinda suck. This may be because many companies are using old or low-quality material like harsh shade leaves, stems, seeds, and other nasty stuff. This has led to pre-rolls getting a bad rap. We aimed to change this perception.

This post is going to explore the things you should consider, and shamelessly plug why we think our pre-rolls are the best on the market.

Here are a few simple things to consider when buying pre-rolls

1. What's inside matters

There is no industry standard for what a "pre-roll" is. Pre-rolls, joints, blunts, etc, can be made from flower, shake/trim, have flavor additives, herbal additives, or a combination of all. We believe the best experience is to use high-quality flower to ensure a pleasurable smoking experience.

  • Tip - Look at the packaging - Does it say it is made from all flower and no shake or trim or does it omit that information? Shy away from pre-rolls that do not make it clear on their packaging.

Tip - Keywords to look for - ALL FLOWER, NO SHAKE or TRIM so you don't end up with this:

2. Check the harvest date

A lot of pre-rolls on the market are 9-12+ months old, yuck. It usually gets turned into pre-rolls because the material is not suitable to be sold any other way. We make our pre-rolls from fresh ground buds so that you get a fresh flavorful experience.

Tip - Look at the harvest date - It's no secret that the older it is, the lower the quality it will be. Try and find something that is less than 6 months old, preferably fresher.

3. Single Source

A lot of the pre-roll manufacturers don't actually grow their own cannabis. They purchase it from a variety of sources. But a key flaw is that you may lose consistency and not be able to adequately quality control what is going inside the pre-rolls. Everything we package comes straight from our own farm, so we know everything about the flower from start to finish.

4. Type of rolling papers

A sneaky trick is to use dark rolling papers in the hopes that the consumer won't see what's inside. We use ultra-thin French white rolling paper so you can see what you are getting and not have the flavor influenced by the paper.

5. Boring A.F.

A lot of our competitors come from Wallstreet and have never grown, yet alone smoked cannabis before. So they craft their brands to be as sterile and characterless as possible. We went the opposite direction and put kick-ass collectible cards in ours because we wanted our packs to be fun as well as luxurious.

6. Research the company

Do they even have a website? Do they talk about their pre-rolls and why they are good - like they are slow cured, made from all flower, etc? You would be surprised how many companies don't even have a website nowadays. We have a dedicated product page talking about our pre-roll packs.

Tip - Google the brand, does it seem reputable?

7. Price vs Quality

We have always been suspicious of why some pre-rolls seem so cheap compared to their raw material counterpart. How is it that some of the pre-roll packs and singles on the market are sometimes 50 - 80% the price of the flower in its raw form? Surprise! It's because they are usually made with outdoor shake. After all, you have the added packaging costs, labor, and materials that go into converting it into a pre-roll right?

We only use all indoor-grown cannabis that we would smoke personally. Why is indoor important? When growing indoors, you're able to control the temperature, humidity, and lighting 24/7 to expose it throughout the life-cycle to the perfect climate and protect it from the harsh elements like dust, powdery mildew, outside molds, smoke and ash from fires and even critters and bugs!

Tip - Be suspicious of pre-roll packs that are only a couple bucks a gram or less.


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