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Your Adventure with Utokia Starts Here

Welcome to Utokia Adventurer!

Utokia was created and founded by Holly and Adam in 2015, two gaming nerds and recovering office drones from Oregon. They wanted to combine their passion for gaming, storytelling, and cannabis to bring amazing and unique experiences to their fellow adventurers.

What is Utokia?

Utokia is a play on words (Utopia x Toke). When melded together it forms Utokia, a company that uses cannabis to deliver storytelling and world-building elements to our fellow Adventurers to delight and excite them. We want you to be immersed in our world from when you see our packaging, when you open it, and when you use our products.

Our goal is to first and foremost to always deliver exceptional products to the market. Along the way we want to bring people unique experiences like our collectible trading cards delivered through our preroll packs, each drawn by a local artist and tell a piece of the story of Utokia.

The world of Utokia will be ever ever-evolving and we need all the adventurers we can to solve its mysteries and collect some epic loot along the way.

Venture Forth

Well adventure the rest is up to you. Will you join us on this adventure and be part of what we are building?

Check out how to find our products, check out our store, and find us on instagram @utokiafarms for farm-related content and our sister account @worldofutokia for art and stories about the world we are building. We will also be posting more stories on our blog.


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