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We like to grow strains that we personally enjoy and think our customers will too. 



All flower, strain specific 1 gram pre-rolls

Ice cream cake

Absolutely stunning, deep, dark purple Indica-dominant hybrid with glittering trichomes and bright pistils. This strain is a feast for the eyes! It’s aroma is just as impressive with a creamy flavor profile with sweet hints of vanilla and sugary dough. Very stoney high, so don’t plan on making big plans aside spending an evening in deep relaxation. 

Ice Cream Cake.PNG

Galactic Punch

(Ms. Universe x Purple Punch)

Blast off to the interstellar flavor station with this creative and energetic strain. It smells and tastes like sweet berry candies and delivers a creative/energetic high. This pairs well with summertime activities and just getting sh*t done. It may even motivate you to finally get around to folding and putting away your laundry instead of leaving it piled on the floor until you forget what is clean and what is dirty. Yes we are talking about you Doug. 



Lucky Fruit

(Kiwi x Grapefruit F2)

Feeling lucky? Perfect for getting your lucky streak going during your poker game, board game, or giving your team the edge. This strain is considered a legendary itemIt allows the user to automatically roll a nat 20 every short rest (if your DM will allow). Lucky Fruit has a unique structure not common in todays market. It has giant wispy bud structure and a pillowy blanket of frosty trichomes. It smells and tastes like overly ripened funky fruit. The effects are a clear headed functional buzz.


Gelato25 x Dosido33

Gorgeous, dense Indica-dominant hybrid with a hint of
lavender hues. It’s aroma is pungent, sweet and earthy notes with a slight floral funkiness. Dolato may leave people feeling stress-free and sedated, making it perfect for a slowed-down night in, perhaps paired with a bath and a book. 


LA Kush Cake

LA Kush Cake, also known as "Los Angeles Kush Cake" and "LA Kush Cake #11," is a hybrid strain. This cross of the popular Wedding Cake and Kush Mints comes from Liberty Health Sciences and Seed Junky Genetics. La Kush Cake is an indica-dominant strain that smells like vanilla and has an earthy peppermint taste. It’s an easy, smooth hitter, and effects take a while to come on. This is a beautiful flower, with green buds covered in frosty trichomes. It’s great for relaxing and winding down at the end of the night.


Honey Badger Haze

If you don't know about the honey badger you better study up. Just like the honey badger, this strain is great for creative adventures. One of our favorites, this rare strain has a sweat honey and vanilla smell. When smoked it tastes like salted caramel pretzels. 

HucklebERRY Kush

Huckleberry Kush cannabis strain is an Indica dominant hybrid created by Dynasty Seeds. Her buds smell of stinky fruit. Huckleberry Kush is good for night and evening time use due to strong relaxing qualities. Huckleberry Kush induces moderate cerebral high and body relaxation. Uplifts mood, boosts creativity and laughter. Followed by relaxation, appetite stimulation, stress relieve, pain control.


Blue Magoo Cookies

Platinum girl scout cookie is a clone only that’s potent but also stretchy. It matches up very nicely with the genes of the Blue Heron. Lavender, anise, sweet dough and red wine aromas. 

 (Platinum GSC x Blue Heron)

An old school blueberry haze fusion from Dynasty Genetics that is sure to deliver a devastating, well rounded body and head high. Beautiful blue undertones and a pungent citrus aroma will not disappoint.

Blue coffin

(Cough x Blue Heron)


Blue Coffin Flavor.PNG