Premium Small Batch Craft Flower



Grown with Love
Quality is our #1 priority.
Our plants are treated with love and care from start to finish. We use a variety of proprietary methods we have learned over the years and knowledge passed down by our family.

No Pesticides
Cannabis should be clean.
We never use chemical pesticides on our plants. Natural remedies and beneficial bugs only.  

Hand Trimmed
Hand Trimming is more expensive but it is the only way to ensure the finish buds maintain their structure and trichomes. Using a machine trimmer removes roughly 30% or more of the trichomes.
Curing flower well is a lost art. In our opinion, a proper cure is as important as how it was grown. Improperly cured flower can lead to buds that taste, smell or smoke wrong. All our flower is cured in glass the moment it is trimmed off the stem. We also store everything in a climate-controlled environment to preserve terpenes from evaporating.