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Our Story

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

It started with our founder Holly...she is no stranger to getting her hands dirty and doing the work herself. Raised on an 8-acre farm in Vernonia, Ore., Holly attributes her magical green thumb and love for plants to her parents. The growing relationship between Holly and Cannabis started like many – with a medical card. After a horse-riding accident left her with broken wrists, Holly was prescribed pharmaceutical painkillers to help with her recovery. And a tedious process it was: The pain was unbearable and she was tired of relying on the prescription, so like many others, she turned to cannabis. Over the next few years of practicing by growing in a tent in her spare bedroom, she launched Utokia with her husband in 2016 have not looked back since.

Cannabis wasn't the only reason we started Utokia. We had a dream that we could inspire others to not settle for the mundane and always look for the next adventure. We believe that the only limits we have are those we set for ourselves. We have experienced the ups and downs of building a business in a rapidly changing industry, but we have also learned that taking a risk and following your passion can lead to incredible opportunities.

So if you're feeling stuck in your traditional path and want to pursue something different, don't let the fear of the unknown hold you back. Let your imagination and determination guide you on your own exciting adventure. Utokia is living proof that it's possible to forge your own path and achieve success in an industry you're passionate about.

OLCC Licensed indoor cannabis producer

Local + Family + Women Owned

Meet The Team

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