Fantasy World

Adventure Awaits.

Oregon's Best Premium Pre-Roll Pack


Small Batch

100% Indoor Whole Nug

Smooth, Fresh & Flavorful


Illustrations drawn by local artists

Constantly Growing Collection

1 in 50 Have a Holographic card


Packaging is Sustainable, 

Durable, Moisture Resistant & Sealed Tight for Freshness


6 Beautiful Joints

Multiple Strains

Indica, Sativa & Hybrid


"Love the tin! I usually don't buy pre-rolls because they are old or made with a bunch of shake that's harsh. It's so refreshing seeing a fresh pre-roll pack and I can't wait to take it out on my hike to the gorge"

Emily S.

"The cards are so amazing!!! I really want to get one of the holo puppy breath cards. I have an aussie and it looks just like the card"

Joe M.

"The cards are what drew me in but the quality made me stay."

Ian W.

Seek Out
the Best.

You can rely on Utokia's Adventure Packs to deliver a clean, smooth and flavorful experience. Pre-Rolls have gotten a bad reputation from companies using bad input material like year-old material, shake, including stem and seed that can taste harsh and give an uneven burn. At Utokia, we only use fresh ground nugs that have been grown in small batches, indoors with no pesticides, gently handled throughout and slow cured for a smooth and enjoyable experience. For the cones, we chose ultra-thin French rolling paper that is FSC Certified, meaning it is environmentally friendly. The thin paper also allows you to easily see the flower inside and is tasteless, so you can enjoy the taste of the flower, not the paper.

Fresh  &  Smooth

Utokia Prerolls 1.jpg

Collect Them All.

We work directly with local artists to illustrate all of the strains that we grow and turn them into limited-edition collectible cards. As we continue to grow, so does the number of illustrations! Each pack contains a random illustrated trading card with a chance at an ultra rare holographic card that details the strain, type of effect, aromas and key observations. We also have a deck building game in development! 


Prepare for the Journey.

Our tins are specifically designed to endure the journey ahead. They are durable and moisture resistant, so you can easily throw it in your pocket, backpack, kayak, golf bag or purse without worrying about your joints being damaged. They are sealed in biodegradable film for freshness and your safety and don't wick moisture like paper cartons, so you don't have to worry about your joints drying out. As an added bonus, tin is also sustainable, clean, non-toxic and fully recyclable, or you can save it to store your collectible cards in!


Go Forth & Venture!


4 Beautiful strains in each pack. Adventure packs give you an opportunity to try every strain that we cultivated in the crop. Colored crutches correspond to each strain and there's always at least one indica, sativa and hybrid to get you through the entire day! 6 Joints might even get you through a whole fun-filled weekend.


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