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The High Cultist of Tetra

Zealots of Potency




The High Cultist of Tetra is recruiting fanatical zealots that threaten to ruin the balance in Utokia. It's up to you to recruit a party of brave adventurers to fight them. 

Your quest is to collect 3 party members of any class to take on the Cult. Return here and click on the button below to continue.

*Each Utokia Adventure Pack has a chance of finding one of 3 class cards (see below). Collect any 3. included in any pack with a harvest date of 9/19/2023. 1 lucky pack contains all three and the 1:1000 Master Herbalist card. 

warrior with shield.png
bard 2.png


  • A special legendary limited-edition promotional holographic card (only available by completing this quest)

  • ???

  • Everyone who participates will experience the warm-and-fuzzies!

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