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Utokia's Collectable Trading Cards

Each season we release a new set of collectible trading cards of strains, terpenes and other creations from Utokia. We go through rigorous testing to determine each strain's effects, tastes, and aroma to generate the card's attributes.

Our Master Herbalist hails from a small village where she carries on a rich tradition of cultivators. Her affinity for plants, and her talent for infusing them with the essence of Utokia's flora and fauna, is the secret behind this fantastical menagerie. 

These are her observations...

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Princess Skunk card-01.jpg
Cake Crasher card-01.jpg
Gorilla Scout card-01.jpg
Strawberry Guava.JPG
Ice cream cake.JPG
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Crazy Cat Lady's missing cats

missing cat 1-01.png
missing cat 2-01.png
missing cat 3-01-01.png

The Crazy Cat Lady has lost her cats and we need your help to find them all. You can find them for a limited time in our preroll packs between the end of September through December 22'. Find them all for access to a rare unreleased limited edition holo card. More info to come.

Image by Koushik Chowdavarapu

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